Moroccan cooking subtlety combines vegetables and sun-kissed fruits, rare and perfumed spicies, delicate fish and tasty meatsÖ The best of Oriental cookings, famous all over the world, arouses your taste buds. Here are the main Moroccan courses that are to be tasted absolutely.

Kebabs: at the entry of a souk, on a square, on the side of a road, delicious kebabs are cooked right in front of your eyes: a treat, cheap and fast.


Couscous: itís the traditional family meal on Friday, but you can find it every day in restaurants. During your trip, you may taste one thousand of couscous, since they vary depending on the areas and the creativity of the cook. Try not to use your cutlery to eat, rather use your fingers, like Moroccans do.


Mechoui: spit-roasted lamb (or in oven). Meat melts in mouth!

Pastilla: a thin flaky pastry stuffed with pigeon and almonds, thatís the famous Moroccan sweet-sour. There are variants with fish, chicken or even milk for dessert.

Meals of the Ramadan: at sunset; people break their fast (f’tour) with the rich and tasty harira (soup made with meat, lentils, chickpeas), with the beghrir (small honeycomb pancakes served with melted butter and honey) the shebbakia (cakes fried in oil and coated with honey). This ìlightî snack enables to wait for the real dinner which takes place later in the evening.

Tajine: this word both means the container (ornated terracotta dish with a typical cone-shaped lid) and the contents (meat, poultry and fish stew with braised vegetables). Taste and you will understand why tajine is the national meal in Morocco.


Mint tea: it is thirst-quenching, it warms up, it picks you up, and you can drink it in the morning, after meals or at any time. Itís not the kind of pleasure to pass up.


Pastry: honey cakes, horn-shaped cakes, feqqas with almonds or raisins, ghoriba with almonds, sesame… Irresistible!

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